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Game Name Vay (Un-Working Designs)
Console SEGA CD
Game Release (30 years ago)
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Vay - Un-Worked Design Patch 
Version 1 (24 Feb. 2017)
by Supper

Tons of changes for this hack, basically what this does is revert gameplay changes introduced by Working Designs for unknown reasons, roughly this:

  • Restores original enemy stats
  • Reduce spells MP costs to original values.
  • Restores equipment bonuses values.
  • Inn costs reduced to the original 4g.
  • HM/MP no longer restored on level up.
  • The hidden Lorath Castle chest now contains 1,000g (instead of 1,500) as in original.
  • Lynx's bar tab has been greatly reduced from 20,000g to 1,000g as in original.
  • The US version added an instant "game over" if Sirufa's teleportation was used without having all party members equipped with "Filtration Masks". This no longer occurs.
  • The "Gold Vortex" chest in Vaygess has been replaced with its original contents.
  • Working designs moved the Intro movie to after the start game and made it unskippable. The intro is moved back to before the start game and it's now skippable with the start button.


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