Lunar: Eternal Blue (Un-Worked) SEGA CD

The coverart image of Lunar: Eternal Blue (Un-Worked)
Game Name Lunar: Eternal Blue (Un-Worked)
Console SEGA CD
Game Release (30 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Studio Alex, Working Designs
Image Format BIN/CUE
Downloads 15,813
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Released By Studio Lucia
Category Improvement
Platform SegaCD
Patch Version 2.0 (Click for changes)
Hack Release Date 21 December 2020


Lunar: Eternal Blue (Sega CD) - Un-Worked Design Patch
Version 3 (24 Feb. 2017)
by Supper



  • All enemies have their stats restored.
  • Saving the game no longer costs Magic EXP. (What the hell Victor?!)
  • Item prices decreased to original amounts.
  • MP cost of spells reduced to original values.
  • Althena statues that require donations fees reduced to the original amounts.
  • Mayor of Larpa's fee reduced from 500s to 30s as in original game.
  • The replaced music in the Star Dragon Tower has been removed.
  • Reverted back the icons for Heal Litany and Calm Litany spell.
  • Nude shots of Lucia in the opening cutscene have been restored.
  • All pentagrams have been restored.
  • The nude shot of Luna in the flashback to The Silver Star has been restored.
  • Plantarium/Plantella's nudity has been restored.
  • All text has been converted to proper mixed case instead of all-caps.


Lunar: Eternal Blue (Un-Worked) SEGA CD


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