Final Fantasy VII Survivor (Hack) PSX ISO

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Game Name Final Fantasy VII Survivor
Console PlayStation
Game Release (27 years ago)
Genre ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SCUS-94163, SCUS-94164, SCUS-94165
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Romhack of Final Fantasy VII (US).

Released By Shadow501
Patch Version 7.0
Hack Release Date 09 May 2024


  • Save Aerith
  • Playing with Sephiroth?!
  • The meeting with Cloud’s mother on the third disc.
  • Visit the unbroken city of Mideel in the third disc by speaking
  • Honey Bee Inn has reopened with some additions at the entrance
  • Add challenges In Wall Market with Aniki on all discs
  • Possibility of visiting Sector 7 slums again
  • In Gold Saucer, keep the possibility of riding the moving cart with anyone
  • In Gold Saucer, it is possible to participate in the theatrical show by speaking
  • Playing football again in Costa del Sol.
  • More talking with Marlene in Sector 7 slums On the third disc.
  • And other additions that support the game and do not affect the level of power in the game.

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