Final Fantasy VII [Retranslation] (USA) PSX

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Game Name Final Fantasy VII [Retranslation]
Console PlayStation
Game Release (27 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher SquareSoft
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SCUS-94163, SCUS-94164, SCUS-94165
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Version R06g 08-06-2021

This is the PC re-translation of FFVII ported to PSX by Green_goblin.

Please report any bug you encounter here because only they can fix them.

Now, there are 8 possible variations of this hack. There's no way i'm keeping up to date and hosting 8 versions of the same thing. So i present you what i believe is the "most worthy" version.

This versions is called "Beacause Canon Addendum + Chicago font". It has:

  1. "Beacause": The re-translation, of course.
  2. Canon Addendum: Maintaining known names.
  3. Chicago Font: A very cool font reminiscent of the SNES era of FF, example:

My logic: Canon names are a must, i think most of us will agree retranslated names sound a bit silly. And Chicago Font just looks cool, the original game has something that looked like Arial font, not much "fantasy" there. If you were hoping some other variation of this i'm sorry. You'll have to patch it yourself. I hope that makes sense.

Relevant FAQ entries:

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Final Fantasy VII [Retranslation] (USA) PSX


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