Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (English Patched) PS2 ISO

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Game Name Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix
Original Title キングダムハーツIIファイナルミックス
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (17 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher ,
Languages , ,
Image Format ISO
Game ID SLPM-66675
Downloads 167,714
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Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (キングダムハーツIIファイナルミックス) is a Action RPG/RPG video game published by Disney Interactive, Square Enix released on March 29th, 2007 for the PlayStation 2.

This game came out only in Japan as a bundle titled: "Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +"

It contained 2 games:

  1. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (This one)
  2. Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories

English patched ISO updated to Crazycatz00’s version.
It includes 3 patches (versions 0.99.15222.0425r):

  • 1. Translation: Based on 2.5 HD
  • 2. Dual Audio: Provides a way to change the language in-game (Start-> Config Menu). Adds Japanese lip-sync, battle voices, and gummi voices.
  • 2.1. DA-Videos: Adds Japanese audio to pre-rendered cutscenes.


The translation patch came with a mandatory 16:9 patch included. This version removed that.

Thanks to Emily for figuring this out and contributing the patch.

The clean Japanese ISO which you can use to apply any patches you want.
MD5: 1BD351E1DF9FC5D783D8318010D17F03
CRC: 3bc34e06

The Japanese iso is in Japanese with English voices.

Relevant FAQ entries:

How to emulate with PCSX2
How to change the game language?


Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (English Patched) PS2 ISO Download:


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