Yakuza 2 Restored (Hack) PS2 ISO

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Game Name Yakuza 2 Restored (Hack)
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (16 years ago)
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Languages ,
Image Format ISO
Game ID SLUS-21769
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Note: On [4x3] version FMVs are optimized for 4:3 displays,
only use it if your monitor/TV is NOT widescreen.

Author: Sylwahan

Yakuza 2 Restored Patch Notes


  • Fixed issue where pachislot was unplayable after chapter 9.
  • Re-encoded all FMVs with a different MPEG2 encoder to prevent freezes on PS3.
  • Fixed an FMV with incorrect length on the 4:3 versions.
  • A couple of minor text revisions.


  • In-game script and subtitles have received a re-edit pass:
  • Restored original character names, and usage (mainly Kazuma/Kiryu.)
  • Added Japanese honorifics.
  • Reworked cutscene subtitles, backported/adapted from Kiwami 2.
  • Changed some titles, organizations, items, etc.
  • Removed some unwarranted profanity, reducing it a bit overall.
  • Fixed up layouts, typewriter pauses, and colors.
  • Countless improvements and re-translations where needed.
  • Introduction, mission, and fight cards have been re-created using that font.
  • Freeze-frame introductions have been re-created to match the in-game image.
  • Action pictograms have been replaced with the original Japanese kanji.
  • Opening trailer has been re-created shot-for-shot in higher quality, where possible.
  • Reminiscence videos have been re-created shot-for-shot in higher quality.
  • FMV quality has been improved using Japanese PS2/PS3 sources and neural networks.
  • FMV playback quality has been optimized for 16:9 mode in native resolution.*
  • Cutscene subtitles have been raised a bit.*
  • Title screen has received a makeover.
  • End credits have been re-created.

*Only on the main version of the patch, optimized for the 16:9 mode.

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