WCW Saturday Night (Hack) N64 ROM

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Game Name WCW Saturday Night
Console N64
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Romhack of WWF WrestleMania 2000.
Released by @GMSpectre1

So here it is, my total comversion of Wrestlemania 2000 N64 to "What if there was a WCW AKI game released in the early 90's"!

List of changes:

  • All characters moves, stats, appearances changed
  • All music changed
  • All Arenas changed
  • Intro animation changed
  • All Tag Team entries changed
  • Spotlights, Fireworks, Fire on all entrances taken out
  • Menu graphics changed
  • Entrance music plays on title and in match instead of midi music
  • Moves imported
  • Story mode text changed
  • Introduction cutscene edited.
  • Title belt graphics and info changed
  • Hints added to title screen
  • Select backgrounds for wrestlers match
  • Power bar graphics changed to VPW2 style
  • Font changed to VPW2 font

For more details see readme.txt and updatelist.txt


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