Langrisser III (Japan) Saturn ISO

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Game Name Langrisser III
Original Title ラングリッサーⅢ
Console SEGA Saturn
Game Release (28 years ago)
Publisher ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID T-2504G
Downloads 2,069
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Langrisser III (ラングリッサーⅢ) is a Tactical RPG video game published by NCS, Nippon Computer System released on 1996 for the SEGA Saturn.

The full translation that never materialized

This game is fully hacked and fully translated but to this day nobody inserted it in game.
The hacking was done by Cyber Warrior X, who released the current alpha patch (22 years ago!) that translates only the menus. The rest of the script is just the mojibake you see in the screenshots.
He hacked the font too. The VWF font fits lots of text on screen nicely.

The situation has been stale for years, waiting for someone to step up and put it all together.
It will not be easy, you still need rom hacking knowledge but here are the tools to get you started:

  • Backup of Cyber Warrior X git: Contains tools to dump and reinsert text from/to the game. Also contains tons of translated scenes that were never inserted in the game.
  • Full script translation by Akari_Dawn: To Akari_Dawn's surprise when they picked up this for translating a lot was already done by the original translators, they completed the script translation and uploaded to Gamefaqs in hope somebody will insert it back into the game. It's been 7 years since.

Released By Cyber Warrior X, Oogami
Language English
Status Menus Only
Patch Version Alpha 0.2
Release Date 30 October 2001

(Track 01).bin CRC-32: 1e0de6c6
MD5: 5e5f8ff50ea0dc93b17a79909dfca4df
SHA-1: 57d2ac385e8e7a54e51806cadccde673d33a9e2a

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