Backyard Football
Backyard Football

ScummVM stands for: Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine. SCUMM is the engine created by Lucas Arts for the game Maniac Mansion that later became the standard for most Lucas Arts adventure games of the time (1987-1998).
SCUMMVM is an emulator you can download to play these old adventure and point-and-click games on your modern PC or Android devices.

In this page you will find information of all ScummVM based games, and the different versions of them. You'll find all ScummVM Games Downloads in different languages as well as screenshots to help you chose the right game for you.

SCUMM is not tied to any platform, the game could be for DOS, MAC, ATARI ST, WINDOWS or even AMIGA, it doesn't matter, all work on ScummVM emulator but there might be graphical differences. Usually Windows CD are the best versions.