Escape from Monkey Island (Windows CD) ScummVM Game

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Game Name Escape from Monkey Island
Console ScummVM
Game Release (24 years ago)
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Escape from Monkey Island is a Adventure video game published by LucasArts released on 2000 for Microsoft Windows. This is the ScummVM version of the game playable on all modern systems.

Note: This wasn't tested all the way through but it starts on ScummVM without any errors, so all files needed are there.

This game also isn't supported by the latest stable version of ScummVM, you need a development build to play it.
Get ScummVM latest Branch master from here

Default keyboard settings

Key Binding
Arrow keys Movement
Shift Hold to run
Enter Selects items in inventory, conversation, etc
Escape Skips cutscenes, exits certain screens
e Examine
u Use
p Pickup
i Inventory
q Exit Dialog Menu
. Skips dialogue
F1 Menu
Alt + x Quit (in-game)
Ctrl + c Force quit (from command line)
Alt + Enter Switch between windowed mode and fullscreen
Alt + s Save a screenshot


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