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Mega Man X5 is a Platformer 2D video game published by Capcom released on September 9th, 2014 for the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic.

Review by Blankman:

avatar=417_1409068658.jpgAh, Megaman.. One of the classic for shooting platformer game. As they say, classics can’t go wrong, and neither are this game.. So, let’s get this review thingy going on, shall we?



Megaman X5 is the 5th installment in the Megaman X series. As the previous game, there’s 2 character that you could choose at the start, X and Zero.. Having a difficulty over choosing who you should play? Fret not, for you could use them BOTH (not at the same time though). You choose for yourself who you want to use at the start of each and every stage, giving you freedom over what kind of play style you’ll use in a certain stage.. There’s also some branching in the storyline, in which there’s time limit for you to clear the 8 initial bosses.. If you want to see all the story, do please go ahead and try all possible route.

The Features

If you choose X at the start, you’ll get X with a similar armor from Megaman X4, giving you the ability to shot charged X Plasma Buster (i forgot the proper name, sorry ;p) that is stronger than X’s standard charged buster.. The downside is, your Zero won’t be able to use Zero buster, rendering him locked to melee combat at the start (though that is what Zero does best, so no worries.)

If you choose Zero at the start, you’ll start with Zero, with similar melee moveset from Megaman X4 but with an addition of capability to shot Zero Buster.. Your X will get a downside though, since your X will lose the initial armor and stuck with the standard armor until you found the extra armors in game.

There’s also a new feature, in which you could customize your character’s skill with parts.. Equipping X with Quick Charge part will make him charge his buster faster, and things similar like that.. Every armor have their slots limit, so choose accordingly to your style and needs..

There’s 2 new armor sets for X (with a hidden armor for X and Zero each) the Falcon Armor and Gaia Armor..

The Falcon Armor enables X to literally fly horizontally and vertically for a limited amount of time.. The charged shot turned into what my eyes perceive is similar to an arrow, an energy arrow if you like..

Gaia Armor gives X more protection at the cost of bosses weaponry and mobility.. This armor makes X be able to destroy or push black boxes found in certain areas and impervious to spikes, trotting above it like it was a smoothly paved road.. The charged shot is turned to greenish plasma buster with a short range and exceptionally quick charging time.. The adequate damage combined with the quick charge time gives this armor a high DPM rate..

Numerical Judgement
As always, this humble reviewer know that some people just can’t get enough numbers to judge something, so there ya have it :

Gameplay : 8.5/10 – improved from Megaman X4
Story : 8/10 – the branching is a nice addition
Difficulty : 6/10 – just right
Sound : 7 – not bad, but not exactly stellar either

Overall : 8/10 – worth your damn time to play

*PS. Now you could actually crouch in this game.. About time, Capcom

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