Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (USA) PSP Eboot

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Game Name Jackie Chan Stuntmaster
Console PSP Eboots
Game Release (24 years ago)
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Jackie Chan Stuntmaster is a Action video game published by Midway released on January 31st, 2000 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Fixed eboot by The_Ho:

  • I fixed the game so that it was playable on PSP and PSVita Adrenaline, PSP POPs has problems playing the videos of this game, and the existing Ripped version crashes before the Final Boss, making it impossible to finish the game.
  • Well, the movies can't be shown yet, but I took the game from scratch and made an improved RIP where it's now possible to finish the game on PSP or Vita Adrenaline.
  • I put all the videos together with the game and the PT-BR version with subtitles, they can be watched on portables (mainly for a better experience), so you won't miss anything from the game practically. On PSP just move the videos to the VIDEO folder, on PSVita you will need to put them in Ux0 > video and after that use MediaImporter to watch them on the PSVita's video player.
  • Before uploading the game I made sure it is working correctly, I played it from start to finish collecting all the red and gold dragons, facing the final boss, unlocking the Kung Fu outfit and Shaolin Temple.
  • To play on PSP firmware 6.61 and on Adrenaline it is mandatory to activate the FAST mode. The game can be played well also in POPsLoader 3.52. I finished with FAST mode on Firmware 6.61, I can't say if it's finalable on 3.52 but it seems to run very well and without the need for FAST mode.

Note: When finishing Shaolin Temple, there was still a BUG, ​​because the game will require the reproduction of the Making of and it will crash, but it is totally irrelevant because you will practically have finished the game at 100%. Game Saving and Loading Normally.

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