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Game Name HellNight
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Game Release (25 years ago)
Publisher Atlus, Konami
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Game ID SLES-01562
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HellNight is a Survival Horror video game published by Atlus, Konami released on December 30th, 1999 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Review by Sepase:

HellNight, sometimes called Hell Night, and known in Japan as Dark Messiah, is a survival horror game in first person perspective, distributed and published by Atlus in collaboration with Konami in 1998

Hell night is unique in that you have more of a potential partner and leaves open several types of endings, but to have a different partner your current partner should die and clear as in any human all have different abilities, all characters except Naomi, have the ability to attack the monster and help the player temporarily stopping the creature, but they can never know where the creature appear. Naomi, however, help saying the player the exact position where the monster approaches, whether through dialogue or an orange symbol on the map, but does not possess any weapons to stop it. The player must interact with various characters, take note of certain hints, use your head and find ways to avoid losing your partner by other phenomena.

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HellNight (Europe) PSP Eboot


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