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Game Name Digimon World 2
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Publisher Bandai
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Digimon World 2 is a RPG video game published by Bandai released on May 19th, 2001 for the Sony PlayStation (PSX).

Review by Placebo_yue:

avatar=408_1408925849.jpgDigimon World 2 is a 2000 game, and a complete departure from the first one, this one is more of a dungeon crawler with RPG elements, completely dropping the “train and take care of your digimon” aspect.
The digiworld is populated by humans, who coexist with tamed digimons, and formed guilds to protect their city against wild digimons. These guilds represent each type of digimon, Data, Vaccine and Virus. After a tutorial mission, you’ll be forced to pick one, which will affect the Digimons you can capture for a while, affecting the gameplay.

In this game you travel dungeons in a sort of tank called “Digi-Beetle” which can shoot gifts to wild Digimons in an attempt to capture them, or help in battle both healing and attacking. You can capture many digimons, and fight with teams of 3. Each kind of digimon has a single technique, but you can learn multiple of them by DNA digivolving (or “fusing”) your digimons. This will also allow them to reach higher levels, and digivolve further. This game introduced Mega level digimons.
There’s a little more strategy in this one, since types of Digimons have weaknesses, techniques have special effects, and some parts of the maps have power-up floors for certain “specialty” like fire Digimon, machine Digimon, etc. if you battle over them.

Unlike the first, the game is completely linear, which might get you stuck until you found the right NPC to talk to.
But there’s also rewards for curiosity, like NPCs giving you some neat item, or the Digimon center trading a weak or common Digimon for a strong, or rare one.

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