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Chrono Cross is a RPG video game published by Square Enix, SquareSoft released on November 8th, 2011 for the PlayStation Network as PSOne Classic.

Review by magistery0:

In the Village of Arni, there lived a young boy named Serge, just an ordinary village boy who never aspire to become anything aside from living his peaceful life and in his quiet little village.

One day, Serge’s childhood friend Leena asked him to collect some Komodo scales for her, and she’ll meet up afterwards at Opassa Beach. Serge eager to help his friend sets out hunting for those precious komodo scales.

Moments have passed, serge finally meets up with Leena with the komodo scales on hand, as they reminisce about their pasts and what the future has in stored from them.. strangely enough as Leena speaks out her feelings for Serge who suddenly hears strange voices calling out to him.

After a horrific array of images flashed before his very eyes, a humongous body of water swallowed serge unconscious, transporting him in an alternate timeline!


It’s a Square/Soft Enix game, what’d you expect? (Troll face..)
If you love Great Graphics with excellent attention to details, you will bow down to this game pronto!
I have no idea how squaresoft/ enix has managed to squeeze every little power the playstation has to create this magnificent game!
It looks simply amazing, every single character (should i mention 45 playable characters!!) has been customized with a great attention to detail!


As i have mentioned earlier, you can recruit and use all 45 characters! they have their own unique sets of actions, skills and dialogues.
While the frame rate may be a bit slow, it doesn’t hinder the fluidness of battle!
If you’re used to increasing Levels and using MP’s in RPG’s, this game throws all of that away!
You increase/strengthen your characters by gaining “Stars” from in game bosses.
And instead of using MP’s, you equip/allocate magics! once you have used your equipped magic on the battle field, you are unable to use them again until the next battle!
the attacks are quite unique as well, you have 3 types of attacks:
1.Low attacks.( has Low damage but w/ high accuracy for easily hitting enemies!)
2.Med attacks.( has Medium damage with average accuracy!)
3.Strong attacks.(has Strong damage but with very low accuracy!)


(Insert your most concentrated word to describe the most beautiful soundtracks that you have ever heard in a game!)
i can’t really put my emotions into words… i am sorry,this just so beautiful to listen to..


It is a Masterpiece! You must play this for your own sakes!
If you think Square Enix has screwed up big time, try playing their past masterpieces like this one.
I don’t give a hoot if people think Chrono Cross was a failure of a sequel, think of it this way: It’s not a direct sequel but a spin-off to the popular game Chrono Trigger! you still wont accept it? well,its your loss not mine~

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