Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride (J+English Patched) PSX ISO

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Game Name Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride
Original Title いまどきのバンパイアBLOODY BRIDE
Console PlayStation
Game Release (28 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Atlus, Jorudan
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SLPS-00526
Downloads 20,059
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Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride (いまどきのバンパイアBLOODY BRIDE) is a Dating Sim/RPG video game published by Atlus, Jorudan released on December 27th, 1996 for the PlayStation.

English Patch Info:

There are 2 patches one for text and one for cut-scenes. Both patches were applied.

Released By Infinite Lupine Translations
Status This patch is nearly complete and totally playable. The only stuff that isn’t translated is stuff that doesn’t actually appear in the game
Patch Version 1.01
Release Date 12 Sep 2003
Readme Readme File


Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride is a Dating Sim mixed with RPG elements Developed by Atlus (Yes, that Atlus) that has been thankfully Translated by a dedicated fan at one point. The Story of Bloody Bride is a very unique one for a Dating Sim Starting with Phaid’s, A Demon from the Vampire Tribe, Coming of Age and being tasked to go to earth for 3 Years and collect the Platinum Aura, an Aura in select People’s Blood. The Catch? They must be willing to give him their blood. So Begins his days as pretending to be human while find several people with the aura. Will he be able to collect it or will he learn what Love is? Will he be able to Survive the Hidden Plot taking place back in Demon Realm? You Decide!

As Mentioned before this is also a mix of RPG Elements. So, while you could boost your stats one at a time you can also travel around town at night battling monsters to level up giving you points to put into stats as well which is needed as you’ll need to balance both to get the Girl you want and survive the Bosses through the Plot’s Progression.

COMPLETIONIST BEWARE! There is a side activity of Random Women Ranging from School Girls to Older Women…and an alien that you can interact with and seduce for blood which acts as an automatic level up. However there is next to no information about this game on the internet with no walkthroughs and only 2 Playthroughs on Youtube. You can completely skip this if you wish but it does help with leveling and the dialogue for most are hilarious.

That said this game is something you don’t see alot of as most tend to brush Visual novels and dating sims off as not real games, but with the addition of the RPG system and Mandatory boss battles I believe this becomes a Brand new Beast and everyone should give it a try.

*Note: I managed to track down an old Note Guide put together by Legionplays, 1 of the 2 to LP the game, its a good enough guide to help anyone through the game but even it is incomplete. I will in time work on it and fix it to include all of my newly learned information, but for now an 8kb Download if you wish: Guide.rar

Relevant FAQ entries:

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