Clock Tower: The First Fear (J+English Patched) PSX ISO

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Game Name Clock Tower: The First Fear
Original Title クロック・タワー ~ザ・ファースト・フィアー~
Console PlayStation
Game Release (27 years ago)
Genre , ,
Publisher HUMAN Entertainment
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SLPS-00917
Downloads 34,789
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Clock Tower: The First Fear (クロック・タワー ~ザ・ファースト・フィアー~) is a Adventure/Point-and-Click/Survival Horror video game published by HUMAN Entertainment released on July 17th, 1997 for the PlayStation.

What’s New in this remake:
This is the remake version of the original SFC version. The remake port was also released on Windows 95 and WonderSwan version. The remake version improves visual effects and music/SE, support PSX mouse, restored unused enemy, added FMV intro, parrot close-up, and more.

Note: for some reason it takes a while to boot on ePSXe, wait it out, you can use save states later to bypass initial boot.

How to play with PSX Mouse using ePSXe (This can be applied to the other PSX Clock Tower titles, maybe):

  1. Click Config> Game Pad> Port 1> then choose “Pad 1”
  2. At the top right corner in “Config Gamepad”, choose “[SCPH-1090] Mouse/Digital (F5)”.
  3. When you’re playing this game, press F5 switch to Mouse, press F5 again will turn back to Digital Controller.

(Japan) (Track 1).bin CRC-32: dab05773

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Clock Tower: The First Fear (J+English Patched) PSX ISO Download:


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