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Game Name Castlevania: Rondo of the Night
Console PlayStation
Game Release (27 years ago)
Genre , ,
Publisher Konami
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SLUS-00067
Downloads 15,356
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Romhack of Castlevania: Symphony of the night.
You can play the regular game as Richter Belmont.

NOTE: Yes this game had an official "Richter Mode" accessible by entering RICHER as your character name. But that mode is void of RPG elements, stats, leveling up, looting, equipment, inventory, etc.

Released By mazenk5456
Patch Version 1.2 + 1.0.5 (whip version)
Hack Release Date 02 March 2024

The Whip version is now an "alternative patch" while on the main patch you start with no weapon at all, you have to loot them.

Main patch tips:

  1. Start progressing killing the wolves with your dash (Down+X)
  2. The first Skeleton enemy (after Death custscene) will drop your first sword (Heaven Sword) equip it on your EMPTY HAND
  3. You can run with double tap forward, there's a relic that turns on auto-run but you have to find it first.

Relevant FAQ entries:

How to play this game with ePSXe emulator on PC


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