Army Men: Sarge's Heroes (Europe) PSX ISO

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Game Name Army Men: Sarge's Heroes
Console PlayStation
Game Release (24 years ago)
Languages , , , ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID SLES-02626, SLES-02627, SLES-02628, SLES-02630, SLES-02629
Downloads 1,685
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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes is a Third Person Shooter video game published by 3DO released on February 23rd, 2000 for the PlayStation.

(Europe).bin CRC-32: c9759ff1
MD5: 00f53d6da69824946540d1da823761a6
SHA-1: b80148450ef266d006607f784321e0eeb8d1829e

(France).bin CRC-32: 59a9b1a4
MD5: f9f41392db6e081778173b2ec8dd2243
SHA-1: 528b7144ddbc5db207c426202f9682fee6805087

.bin CRC-32: a477bff7
MD5: e11f205d82d4567c724e1eb303862bf9
SHA-1: 60d41779d3222c5d155607714b4cea2faa243f23

(Italy).bin CRC-32: df2fe69c
MD5: ead21d69f7d7d149afaf604ec4d72010
SHA-1: 7ef625e62192751f9b5ce1c69e6baec335b560ff

(Spain).bin CRC-32: f8da68f7
MD5: f95544c6e06f89106860adfbc38a7394
SHA-1: 77b90fe458f8c5300b40d5ad70d1941b754949e0

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