Kiniro no Corda 3: Full Voice Special (Japan) PSP ISO

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Game Name Kiniro no Corda 3: Full Voice Special
Original Title 金色のコルダ3 フルボイス Special
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (10 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Koei Tecmo Games
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPJH-50821
Downloads 1,233
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Kiniro no Corda 3: Full Voice Special (金色のコルダ3 フルボイス Special) is a Rhythm/Visual Novel video game published by Koei Tecmo Games released on September 19th, 2013 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgYou’re Kohinata Kanade. Kanade grew up with Kisaragi brothers and the three of them remained as bestfriends, even developed the same interest toward Violin. One day, the older Kisaragi, Ritsu decided to leave the town where the three of them grew up to join Seisho Highschool and aimed for the music speciality class. He told Kanade, that neither of Kanade, Ritsu, and the younger Kisaragi, Kyouya would able to step forward in musical career if they stayed in the same town.

Those words echoed in Kanade’s mind and made her to apply to Seisho Highschool, along with Kyouya although the latter seemed unwilling. The two of them, applied to the Orchestra Club in their school and met up again with Ritsu, who was the president of Orchestra Club. The two of them then joined with Daiki, the Viola player vice president and also Haruto, the junior who also a cellist. The five of them tried to break into the music competition where the best orchestra club will be decided. A little that Kanade knew, this concours will drag her back to the past she once forget and will change her life forever.

Kiniro no Corda 3 taken a few years after the first Kiniro no Corda or La Corda d’Oro series. Even it’s a sequel, all the characters are new. Even so, the former voice actors from the previous game came back to this game with a new character!

In this game, you will have a few days to prepare yourself for the contest. You can train the song you wanted all alone, with your selected man or with your groups. Eitherway, it will lead into how much you master the song and also raising affection for the men if you did it right. This will lead into a simple rhythm mini game during the contest.

Also, you will have a mini map where you can see the guys you aimed for walking around. Talking to them will allow you to give him presents. If your affections for them are good enough, their sprites will blink and it will lead into a love event.

Kiniro no Corda 3 once again brought us to classical musics. Enjoy the beautiful musics, also an unique story about orchestra. Also, this full version one gave you special events of the four schools going on trip together where this scene would allow you to see the interaction between the characters for more. With a good interface, Kiniro no Corda 3 brought otome games into a higher class. If you’re a fan of La Corda series, don’t skip this one for a new taste of the old voice actors in new characters!

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