Kiniro no Corda 3: Another Sky feat. Jinnan (Japan) PSP ISO

The coverart image of Kiniro no Corda 3: Another Sky feat. Jinnan
Game Name Kiniro no Corda 3: Another Sky feat. Jinnan
Original Title 金色のコルダ3 AnotherSky feat.神南
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (10 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Koei Tecmo Games
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPJH-50845
Downloads 965
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Kiniro no Corda 3: Another Sky feat. Jinnan (金色のコルダ3 AnotherSky feat.神南) is a Rhythm/Visual Novel video game published by Koei Tecmo Games released on January 23rd, 2014 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgAn alternate reality version of Kiniro no Corda 3. You’re Kohinata Kanade. You have two childhood friends that grew up with a dream to be pro violinist together. But not all dream will come true in the way you hoped to be. When you three grew up, all of you decided to take different path. But still, even though the three of you didn’t walk on the same path anymore, neither of you gave up on the dream to be the pro violinist, even if that means to defeat each other on the stage!

In this game, rather than going to Seiso Gakuin with Ritsu and Kyouya, you decided to go to Kobe and joined Jinnan High instead. You met the eccentric trio of Jinnan who have a lot of fangirls. And now, you, will join them as the violinist. Will you able to win the music tournament with this team?
The system is still the same one with first. You will still walking around map to find the boys you aimed for and also preparing yourself for taking the stage. You can practice alone, with your partner, or with your groups. Depends on how you mastering the song, you will have a musical rhythm minigames that will determine whether you win the contest or not.

In this game, focusing on Jinnan High with their silent violins. Also, the number of bachelors decreased. But worry not. This game will allow you to look deeper into the males, and also adding one new character!

With fewer casts, this game gave a deep insight into the game. Here, you will able to see more about them. Will you follow Chiaki’s lead no matter what? Will you support Housei even when he was down? Will you let Mutsumi to be himself around you? Will you make Ritsu find his spirit in playing the violin again? Will you help Daiki finding the truth behind Ritsu’s injury? All of it are here. And now, take your violin and get into the stage because Kiniro no Corda 3 will take you to Jinnan High and once again, to win the tournament!

.iso CRC-32: 69528775


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