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Game Name Glass Heart Princess
Original Title グラスハートプリンセス
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (11 years ago)
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Glass Heart Princess (グラスハートプリンセス) is a Visual Novel video game published by Otomate released on December 20th, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgAnother great otome game with…unusual story! You’re Himeno Kyouko. You can change her name but if you keep her default name, the males will call her name rather than an awkward silence. Well, Himeno Kyouko is your perfect character. She is rich, beautiful, intelligent, and your highclass lady with handsome butler and a maid. She studied in a prestigious school and the school idol. Boys wanted to date her and girls adored her as their older sisters. Definitely someone that makes anyone envy.

But like I said, this game has a—strange story. Well, life was good for Kyouko. Since she aimed to be a perfect lady, she had never fall in love before! Still sounds normal? What about—that her heart was beating faster when her handsome butler got too close to her? Still okay? Well—what if she fainted and when she woke up, doctor diagnosed her with Glass Heart syndrome, a rare syndrome when her heart was too weak to the point whenever her heart was beating too fast, it would break her heart…literally. Yep, she would get a heart failure.

Well, since she was rich, she should undergo an operation or heart transplant, you said? No, but not here. Rather than a logical explanation like above, her maid, Satsuki, said that it was her fault for not experiencing love. Experiencing—what?! Well, her doctor agreed. Her heart was not in bad shape, but rather it was because her weak resistance against male thanks to her ‘I-won’t-fall-in-love’ policy. So, Kyouko would need to train her body and also, her maiden soul! And before you got your hope high, no.. The doctor wasn’t a dateable character. The doctor was an old man so no, sorry.

Move ahead. While her butler trained her with karate and athletic, Satsuki handled her maiden soul. Satsuki, your maid, was a big fan of otome games and shoujo manga. Probably, a fujoshi as well. She gave her lecture about love, by playing otome games and also reading and watching manga and also, listed possible dateable boy for her and arranged some dates for them! Afterall, our Kyouko needed a real experience in love, right?

And now, introducing the boys!

Karasuma Yukito (Suzuki Tatsuhisa, also FREE’s Makoto), another student at Kyouko’s school. A delinquent with pink heart, as Satsuki said. He was your classic tsundere. And unlike the rich people around him, Yukito came from a normal family, or even poor and forced him to go on part time job. But seemed like, he had a mystery surrounded him.

Asahina Tenma (Hatano Wataru, also Hiiro no Kakera’s Ketel), a teacher with small figure, well still taller than Kyouko with a childish attitude and also baby face as well. Everyone loved Tenma-sensei, the cheerful and easygoing teacher. Even so…He seemed mysterious and odd. And also, people claimed that Tenma, had never aged. Was it a sarcasm due his height—or?

Hoshino Kanata (Miyata Kouki, also Amnesia’s Ukyou), an enigmatic transferred student. Kyouko met him when he suddenly fell from the sky. Yup, from the sky. Kanata spoke in weird tone, with an alien on his shoulder who would always made a weird noise to stop Kanata if he said something weird. Uh—his common sense was a little messed up too. What was his problem anyway?

Domyouji Gai (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, also SAO’s Kirito), a shy and adorkable 10 years old fiancée for Kyouko. No, you read it right. He is a shota, or rather a kid! What a kid possibly do anyway? Hm…Do you know that we should wait a—couple more years? Who knows he turned into a sadistic, handsome, but cool and confident man someday, right?

Last but not least, Masaki Shinnosuke, (KENN, also Brothers Conflict’s Fuuto), the butler. Capable, busybody, and worrywart. He was an obedient butler and would do everything to make sure Kyouko safe. He also a Spartan, good in sport, carried gun everywhere but—he would lose his cool if it was about Kyouko. But hey, Kyouko was just a lady for her. There was no way he could make the date success if he thought that Kyouko was his employer, right? Or—maybe not?

Glass Heart Princess is a fun game. Training with Shinnosuke to raise your heart beat limit and go undergo Satsuki’s training to raise love intelligent. These two statuses are important. Love intelligent will give you a better date plan and heart beat limit will be your life saver. Why, you ask? Because, whatever the guy did something to you, your heart beat will go higher. And when your heartbeat passed the limit, GAME OVER! If you answer something too sweet and made yourself blushed, and your heartbeat passed the limit then GAME OVER!

Yes, this game needed you to strengthen your heart to get a better love story! Also, the story is nice. Even Kyouko sounded like a mary sue, she is a good girl, who knew what she should do and well, a sadistic princess too for Shinnosuke. Definitely a refreshing character. And also, this game gave some parodies, even cameo appearances from another otome games such as Hakuouki and Amnesia. This light and heart-warming story is good for you who want to have a great laugh!

So girls, and guys, go ahead and grab this game! Let’s keep our self straight, train your heart and be a successful Glass Heart Princess.

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