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Amnesia is a Visual Novel video game published by Idea Factory released on August 18th, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

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“1st August, when she woke up for the first time, she lost all of her memories. She found someone next to her, introducing itself as a spirit, a strange existence. [The reason for your memory loss is my fault] was what he told her. To reclaim all of her memories back, the girl and the spirit were bound together in a journey to recollect the memories. This is a story of a certain world..a certain country..a certain story of girl who walked alongside with [the spirit].”-Amnesia Opening

The first installment of Amnesia. It’s a story of a nameless heroine, who lost her memories suddenly. She met, Orion, the young spirit boy who was in responsible for her memory loss. Without even a clue about herself, she forced to continue her life. With no one to trust, a little by a little, she started to realize that her life wasn’t as ‘normal’ as she thought it would be. And thus, while hiding her amnesiac state, so no one will ‘lead’ her astray, she started her confusing journey with Orion’s help.

5 Routes available with multiple endings. Every characters appeared in every route but with different roles and interactions so it won’t make you boring!
Heart’s Route: You woke up in the hospital and suddenly, a young tsundere boy named Shin (Kakihara Tetsuya, also Fairytale’s Natsu) came to her and gave her a kiss! He claimed himself to be your boyfriend but you didn’t remember anything. Shin appeared to know you a lot, but you know nothing of him. And more…You remembered that he said something about ‘killing someone’. Could you trust him? Or…?

Spade’s Route: Waking up with a phonecall, suddenly a man named Ikki (Taniyama Kishou, also UtaPuri’s Natsuki) said he would pick you up for your date. Rushing yourself to date ‘stranger’, what you found in front of your apartment was a flashy man with girls, left and right. Sadly, this playboy was Ikki, your boyfriend. Even he appeared kind and sweet on the date, he had a lot of fans. How could you trust a playboy anyway? And…what with this extreme bullying? Could you even stand it?

Clover’s Route: When you woke up, you saw a lot of messages from someone named ‘Kent’ (Ishida Akira, also Mirai Nikki’s Aru). He only sent you a simple word like “Good morning” or “Sleep well”. And then, when you’re working, someone approached you and revealed himself to be Kent, your boyfriend! But…if he really your boyfriend, why did he act soo stiff? And…why he said that you hated him? Too much questions to find out!

Diamond’s Route: Waking up with a male shaking your body and called himself ‘Toma’ (Hino Satoshi, also Kiniro no Corda 3’s Leiji). Toma was a nice and caring person. He took care of you really well. But…How could you trust him when he contradicted himself a lot? And also, a mystery man came and said, you’re going to die. What should you do?

Joker’s Route: A secret route, appeared after you finished the other routes. Acts as the final arc of the story. You once again woke up with no memories and you live your life peacefully. You came to know Ukyou (Miyata Kouki, also Danganronpa’s Chihiro), your regular at the café where you work. He saved you a lot of times…but there was something off with him and soon, you faced the real deal of the ‘Joker’.

Are you ready to wake up from your AMNESIA? It is your choice whether to trust someone, or to leave the past behind. Either way, enjoy your Amnesia and try to see, if you belong with someone…

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