PC Visual Novels ported to PSP (English Patched)

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Game Name PC Visual Novels ported to PSP
Console PlayStation Portable
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This is a list of English Patched PC Visual Novels ported to PSP, this are classic visual novels that existed only for PC and were ported/converted to eboots to be played on a Sony PSP with CFW installed.

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  1. Download the pack.
  2. Extract with latest version of 7-zip or Zarchiver (android).
  3. To play this visual novels extract them and copy each game folder to your ms0:/PSP/GAME/ folder (like any other EBOOT).
  4. If game feel lag just raise CPU frequency to 333 mhz


Game’s Titles:

  1. Saya no Uta
  2. 40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain + A Happy Valentine
  3. Adagio
  4. A Dream of Summer
  5. Agnus Dei
  6. At Summer’s End
  7. A Midsummer’s Day Resonance
  8. A Winter’s Tale
  9. Ballad of an Evening Butterfly
  10. Binary Pot (trial version)
  11. Flood of Tears
  12. Hanihani -Operation Sanctuary
  13. Higurashi (demo)
  14. Instant Death! Panda Samurai
  15. I, Too, Saw Dreams Through Air
  16. Jouka no Monshou
  17. Kagetsu Tohya
  18. Kira -snowdrop
  19. LEAVEs
  20. May Sky
  21. Mizuiro
  22. Moonshine
  23. My Black Cat
  24. Narcissu
  25. Narcissu -Side 2nd- (demo)
  26. Night of the Forget-Me-Nots
  28. Plain Song (Xmas)
  29. Red Shift
  30. Shooting Star Hill
  31. The Dandelion Girl
  32. The Letter
  33. The Noose
  34. The Poor Little Bird
  35. The Work of an Angel (demo)
  36. The world to reverse
  37. Tsukihime
  38. Tsukihime Fool’s Errand
  39. Turning Gears-La Divina Commedia
  40. Visions from the Other Side
  41. Wanderers in the Sky


PC Visual Novels ported to PSP (English Patched) Download:


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