Clannad (English Patched) PSP Eboot

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Game Name Clannad
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (16 years ago)
Publisher Prototype
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-This is the PC version of Clannad English patched and ported to PSP, this is an EBOOT to be played on PSP only. It is recommended that you set your CPU clock to 333/166 on your CFW menu:

-Initial loading time of the game Takes awhile, on my PSP 3000 it took 4 minutes, but the game runs fine after that, it might take longer on old phat 1000 models.

PSP Recovery Menu

X/O – left click
triangle – right click (menu)
square – ctrl (skip text)
start – return to previous choice
L – save screen
R – load screen
double clicking L or R autosaves/autoloads from slot 1.

After downloading extract it and you will see a folder named  “xclannad-0.07” with many files inside.
Copy the entire folder to your PSP/GAME directory:
Example: H:/PSP/GAME/xclannad-0.07

Review by DAReezan:

avatar=443_1410657936.jpg“I hate this city…it’s all full of memories I want to forget about. Go to school every day, chat with friends, and then go back to the home I don’t even want to go back to. Will something eventually change, doing this? Will that day come?”

Clannad is a story that is not about the world itself, but more about the characters and their struggles in their daily life. It might not seem interesting at first but the cast has a very unique set of back stories and personalities that always seem to keep things fresh.
I will be writing based on my experience playing the PC version of the game.

The main protagonist of Clannad is Okazaki Tomoya, a high school bum-labeled-delinquent who has lost all passion and motivation around his life. He’s the type of guy who likes to spend his time alone and mostly only cares about himself.

It’s not until he meets one girl on his way to school that his life starts to slowly change.

The main heroines of the game are:
Furukawa Nagisa, a girl one year older than Okazaki. She’s the girl he meets on his way to school. She’s the canon main heroine of the series and the main girl protagonist of the “After Story” arc.

Fujibayashi Kyou, she’s your stereotypical tomboy girl who is very overprotective of her twin sister. She’s also known to be a very good cook and has a pet boar named Botan

Ichinose Kotome, the school genius, she’s so far above her level that she decides to not attend classes and study alone in the library all the time and the school doesn’t tell her anything. Quiet and shy at first she usually hides behind Okazaki when meeting new people in fear that they may bully her.

Sakagami Tomoyo, rumored to be very violent and leader of a delinquent gang when in reality that’s far from the truth, Tomoyo simply wants to keep order and decides to run for Student Council President.

There’s a joke “heroine” in the shape of Sunohara Youhei, Okazaki’s best friend who is also a delinquent. His signature blonde hair marks him as a delinquent along with Okazaki so the both of them find themselves spending a lot of time together.
There are various other minor characters that you can meet if you play the game ?
The story is a 10/10 but it’s very long, if you invest yourself in it you will feel almost every kind of emotion possible as you read the story. Without spoiling much I can tell you that if you do get into the story you will be crying a lot as this is one of the saddest Visual Novels out there.
Every character is meaningful in its own way, adding to the story and making it progress at a very steady pace. You will not meet a character that will not put their 2 cents into the overall story that is Clannad.

In total there are 11 Paths (tho in reality there’s only 10) The characters I listed above are only for the Major paths of the story:
Fuuko’s Path
Kyou/Ryou Path (These are 2 separate paths but are very similar to each other)
Misae’s Path
Koumura’s Path
Yukine’s Path
Tomoyo’s Path
Kotomi’s Path
Mei’s Path
Kappei’s Path
Nagisa’s Path

Once you beat the game, depending on the path, you might move on to the After Story part of the game which includes:
Main Path
Akio’s Path
True Ending

This is a very awesome game, I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good story, characters, and soundtrack.

“The world is beautiful. Even if you’re full of tears and sadness, open your eyes. Do what you want to do. Be what you want to be. Find friends. Don’t be in a hurry to grow up. Take your time.” – Clannad.


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