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Game Name Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (13 years ago)
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Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy is a Fighting video game published by Square Enix released on March 25th, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by LeKingCarnage:

avatar=359_1405754148.pngDissidia 012: Duodecim is the prequel an arena fighting game heavily modified with RPG elements with your favorite Final Fantasy characters. Dissidia’s genre has been described as “dramatic progressive action,” featuring characters battling in a 3D-environment with the ability to level up and customize characters.

Dissidia 012 has two control types: RPG mode and Action mode. RPG mode lets the game control your character rather than the player but they have control on what action presets to do and those actions are Move, Attack, Finisher and Defend giving the players a small degree of control. Action mode gives players full range of control for faster switching of attacks from Bravery to HP and movements to string up crazy combination attacks. A new addition is the assist system were you can call another character for Bravery or HP assist for a breather or a devastating combo attack. There are also two types of attack: Bravery and HP; in simple terms you earn Bravery points by attacking your opponent with a Bravery attack and using HP attacks to deal damage equal to your Bravery points. Another New feature is called EX Mode, you gain EX Force by simply attacking your enemy or obtaining an EX Core so a bar will fill up and go into EX Mode where you can execute an attack similar to Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy VII.

A total of 31 characters are in the game from the original 22 and 9 new ones including Lightning from FFXIII and Kain from FFIV.

Every fight feels like one battle cut-scene from any Final Fantasy games (with the exceptions from I-VI). Its action filled experience still having the strategic feel of its pure RPG brothers. Even using RPG mode gives you an adrenaline rush because of the Bravery and HP System.

The story is about fighting for the balance of Order and Discord. The warriors of Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony against the Warriors of Chaos, the God of Discord. With the infinite cycle of their battles they use Final fantasy characters to fight for them.

Its a good spin-off to Final Fantasy and great game overall, it’s a mish-mash of crazy action with heavy RPG level of customization.

PLAYASiA.iso CRC-32: 81bfb318

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