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Game Name Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days
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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is a Tactical RPG video game published by NIS America released on September 8th, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by CheeseCake:


I apologize for the long review. This explains all the game mechanics briefly. I clocked 130 hours so I want to say you should really give all this a read before you play.

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days is a PSP port of the PS2 Game Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories. It is developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software and localized by NIS America. The PSP port is identical to the PS2 version with added content. These include new unlockable characters like the cast from Disgaea 3 and the new Axel Mode where you can play that smug blonde bastard.

The Story

The story is about a human named Adell and his family. They are inhabitants of Holt Village on the netherworld Veldime where the ruler, Overlord Zenon, has been slowly turning everyone into demons and gradually stealing their memories. Adell, for some reason, is the only one immune to the curse and he sets off on a journey to defeat Overlord Zenon and end the curse.

What This Game Is and How It Works

The game is a turn based strategy game where the main scenario is broken down into episodes. Each episode contains 4-6 battles each, usually with the last episode containing the “boss” character of the episode. Once a battle is complete, it can be replayed as many times as you want for grinding purposes.

The battle system uses an Execution system where you outline a strategy before attacking instead of everyone moving one at a time.
You may Execute as many times as you want. It it mostly used to chain attacks/team attacks.

Character Creation

You can create generic characters to fight alongside you. When you create one, there are options from Good-for-nothing to Genius to determine it’s base stats. Don’t worry about it since you can Reincarnate for higher base stats. Each class has specific weapon types they are good at denoted by ranks like A, B, C, with D being the lowest and hardest to master.

Skills System

The Skills system is quite different.
Humans use a Weapon Mastery system where you gain exp from attacking with certain weapons equipped.
The weapon that can be used are Fists, Swords, Spears, Axes, Bows, Guns, and Staves. You should use the weapons that you character has the highest mastery if you want to gain Weapon EXP at a faster rate. What weapon you use is irrelevant, it only determines what skills you get and what Stats determine your Damage.
Mages/Healers are the only humans that actually gain skills from leveling. They use Staves and this weapon doesn’t provide actual skills. Instead, higher mastery increases the range of your Spells when your Mage/Healer casts them. The color of your Mage determines what element it is. Healer is neutral.

Monsters have a different system. They gain skills from leveling too. They use Monster type weapons which has the stats ATK and INT. Choose the one best suited for your monster’s skills.

The Dark Assembly

There is also a request system in this game called the Dark Assembly. You can send Bills for Senators to determine whether to pass your request or not. You may bribe the Senators and gain their favor or pass a Bill through sheer force when it is rejected.
There are Bills like More Expensive Stuff and Stronger Enemies and Reincarnation.

The Item World

Weapons have 3 levels of rarity. Common, Rare, and Legendary. Better rank= More base stats. How you raise stats on an item goes into our next subject, The Item World. Higher rarity provides better stat gains in the Item World.

The Item World is a random generated continuous dungeon for increasing the stats of any item you have, even that useless healing item or those nice equipment you have lying around. “Stronger” equipment gives higher enemy levels.
There are rest points every 10 floors after defeating an “Item World Boss” like the Item General. These are usually random generic characters with a boost in stats. At the rest points, you may raise the percentage of stats gained for your item in the Item World Assembly. There are bills like More ATK and Even More INT. These, of course, requires “persuasion.”
The maximum floor you can dive into depends on the rank of the item. Common items are capped at 30 Floors. Rare is capped at 60 floors. Legendary is capped at the final 100th floor.


There is Felonies in this game. Felonies is a record branded onto you for committing heinous crimes in Real Life. Demons are immoral creatures so it is actually like a war medal to them. There is an NPC called the Post Officer that gives you a Subpoena for your Court hearing. The Court location is provided on the Subpoena. You must travel to the floor where the “Baliff” is in the Item World and receive your Felonies.
Felonies are actually useful. More Felonies= Slight more EXP and more respect from the Senators in the Assembly.


Finally, I will be explaining the Reincarnation System. When you reincarnate, you get sent back to Level one. This is bad in some people’s eyes but wait.
You receive a portion of your characters base stats(without equipment) and carry it over to your new level one character. This increases the amount of stats your characters gain each level and makes them much stronger in the long run.
You need Mana to Reincarnate and you have options from Good-for-nothing to Genius like character creation for the % of base stats you carry over.
It is generally better to Reincarnate at an even higher level than your previous Reincarnation since doing it at a lower level somewhat decreases the amount you can carry over.

Other entries in the series

If you like this game, try Disgaea 1:Afternoon Darkness on PSP or Disgaea 3 and 4 on the PS3/PSVita. Disgaea D2 on PS3 is the actual sequel to Disgaea 1

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