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Game Name Super Robot Taisen A Portable Plus
Original Title スーパーロボット大戦A ポータブル
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (16 years ago)
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Image Format ISO
Game ID ULJS-00143
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VERSION 1.1 - 22/04/24

What's this all about? Why is this "Plus"?

This is a Rebalance patch for "Super Robot Wars: Advance Portable", a game infamous for its difficulty. The reasons for this are... let's say exhaustive.

The game is based on Advance, but changes some things to be more in line with Original Generations (PS2) in a very uneven manner. As a result, the numbers are all over the
place, player resources are in havoc, and if you're not using Great Mazinger, Daimos, and the God Gundam, you've wasted your money.

This patch is the result of our year long effort to completely rework the entire playable roster to reduce punishment for using your favorite units, while keeping the original
enemy design intact (with a few specific exceptions (like Don Sauzer)).

Welcome the Portable Plus v1.0: where Level locks go to die, Master Asia isn't the only viable secret anymore, and Akatsuki finally gets his stupid fourth level in Gunfight.
We hope that this is considered the definitive replacement of the original game.

I've never played Advance Portable before. Is this a good place to start?

Yes! When we say definitive replacement, we mean it! A large portion of this FAQ is aimed at people who have played this game before, so feel free to start playing. A lot of the
weird design decisions that punish you for making blind choices have been sanded down or outright removed, so just have fun.

Only the player units? Why not the enemies?

There will be a future version of this patch that does this. The reason is that, well, the -entire game- needs to be changed from top to bottom. Most enemy attack lists have
not been changed from Advance and are a complete mess, HP and Armor values are either trash or absolute moon shots (40k HP Grunts with 2000 Armor), and much more.

On top of all this, the long term goal of v2.0 would be to make a game that is no longer like Advance Portable, or even Advance for that matter. If you want the original enemies
while having the viable roster be 40, and not -four-, this should be the definitive way to experience this glorious mess of a game. Bless this mess.

Okay. So what's changed?

Lots of changes please see readme included!

By Team Super Rebalance Wars
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