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Game Name Criminal Girls
Original Title クリミナルガールズ
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (14 years ago)
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPJH-50316
Downloads 10,135
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Criminal Girls (クリミナルガールズ) is a RPG video game published by Nippon Ichi Software released on November 18th, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by KonataLover:

In Criminal Girls you take the role of a prison warden in training who’s job is to take 7 girls that were sent to hell to redeem themselves and and get a second chance in life to do that they must climb a giant tower full of monsters and in the mean time you get to know every one of them and see the reasons why they were sent to hell although the game is in Japanese is fully voiced so maybe you can understand some of the story.The girls have their own personalities and classes they range fro: Paladin,Thief,Fighter,Black Mage,White Mage,Samurai and Blue mage.

Criminal girls is a turn based RPG you explore dungeons fight monsters and level up but the battle system has a twist you cannot control the actions of all your party members instead you get different orders you can give them like Pokemon but you only get one order per turn this would seem unfair but you can also use one item per turn and switch a party member this makes the battles more dynamic the other part of the gameplay consists of punishing the girls this is important because if you don’t punish them they won’t obey your orders and also wont get skills for the battles to punish the girls you need OP(obedience points) and use one of the purple glowing things you can find on the dungeons then you can play some mini games where you spank the girls or tickle them with feathers doing this you will level up their obedience level and if you have perfect scores you can get CG pictures of the girls on lewd poses.

The music of the game is really good every single dungeon has it’s own music and they all fit the theme,the Opening song is also really good and you surely will let it play at least once every time you begin to play again the girls voices are also well done if you are an anime fan you can recognize most of them

The game Is completely 2D i know for psp standards that’s not much but the sprites are really great and full of life every girl has their own animations and the scenarios are simple but they do their job

Replay value
The game main Story lasts about 30 hours pretty short for your average RPG but the game has multiple endings depending on which girl you choose for fighting the final boss,and also after you beat the game for the first time you can try to beat the final boss again to get a new ending with all the girls and if in the credits you input a secret code after the second ending you can get an extra dungeon and another ending that gives the game another 10 hours of gameplay so you won’t be disappointed

Extra information
The game was only released in japan and has no English patch but the good news is that most of the menus are already in English and the game is pretty linear so you don’t get lost so easy so even if you don’t know Japanese you can beat the game with no problem, trust me.

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