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Amnesia Later is a Visual Novel video game published by Idea Factory released on March 15th, 2012 for the PlayStation Portable.

If you want to read about the story check the review of the first Amnesia by Nanami.Alen.

Review by Nanami.Alen:


The second installment of Amnesia Series with multiple stories:

It was a few days after you got into amnesiac state. The café where you worked at decided to hold a small activity to find fireflies during the summer. Here, you can pick anyone to spend the time on searching the fireflies. Do you choose to be with Shin (Kakihara Tetsuya) and Toma (Hino Satoshi)? Or you prefer go with the adult Ikki (Taniyama Kishou) and Kent (Ishida Akira)? Or maybe… with the mysterious Ukyou (Miyata Kouki)? But well, to spend it with your manager Waka (Takahashi Hidenori) or with the girls won’t be a bad choice!

Taken place after the first Amnesia. After the disaster in the first game, now you started a ‘new’ life with your lover. But still, you need to get used with him. But for you, who suffered an amnesia some weeks ago, you got trouble with many things that you never expected before.
(+) Would you accept Shin, with all of his ‘blunt’ and direct approach?
(+) Would you and your family accept Ikki, with his womanizer lifestyle?
(+) Would you embrace Kent’s awkwardness and convince him to take it easy next to you?
(+) Would you trust Toma with your life and reassuring him that you love him and forgive him already?
(+) Would you face the other side of Ukyou and accept him as a part of Ukyou, the man you love?

Taken place before the first Amnesia. Apparently, your relationship with your manager wasn’t as simple as you thought. Know him, understand him. And you might see Waka in different light!

IT’S TIME FOR GIRLS! Meet Mine, Sawa, and Rika. These girls will tell you more about the guys! Girls surely love to gossip about boys, right?

Taken after the Joker’s route. You met a young boy and you had a strange nostalgic feeling whenever you talked to him. But you couldn’t remember…and you will try to remember, because you knew, you wanted to know the young boy for more.

A happiness will not come easily and AMNESIA LATER proved that understanding someone is not hard if you willingly to see and hear more. Are you ready to unveil your next Amnesia with AMNESIA LATER?

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