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Top Angler: Real Bass Fishing is a Fishing/Sports video game published by Sims, Xicat Interactive released on December 9th, 2003 for the PlayStation 2.

P.S This is my very first time writing a review so I’m sorry for my mistakes. You can also give me some feedbacks for my review(s) so I can improve it!

Review by me (rottentwinkie): 

Top Angler – Real Bass Fishing

Top Angler – Real Bass Fishing is a Sports game about Fishing where you catch bass fishes (mainly) from whole variety of bass fish.


Controls for me are 4/10 as they can sometimes put a lot of stress to your hands by tapping/pushing buttons that you’ve mapped (they implemented this control system in which you need to continuously tap X to pull the fishing line especially with bigger fishes. If you let it go then say bye-bye to your fish).

It is recommended to use the rod controller for PS2 and play it with using the rod controller (this requires the original PS2.)

Gameplay/Game Mechanic

From the menu we can see the list of game modes we can choose: Tournament – “Play in tournaments to gain points to claim victory” (with time limit, just catch the biggest fish until it reached the time limit), Arcade – “Accomplish a certain goal within the specified time limit” (Catch the biggest fish as fast as you can. It is usually set to 3 Minutes), Challenge – “Achieve different objectives to win” (you’re tasked to do things that you must accomplish for example; “catch 3000lbs of Redeye Bass” etc.), Practice – “In this mode you can freely choose season, lakes” (Pretty self explanatory; you can choose different seasons, weathers, lakes, etc. And there is no time limit).

To the real Gameplay section: Each fish(es) need some certain bait to make them baited. Each time you accomplished a stage with good results, you will be rewarded a new bait which usually you can use for the next stage to bait fishes lot easier (you still need the older bait in order to success). And, places you pick is also the key factor to success. In some cases, you should avoid catching some kind of fishes since they didn’t add points. The score for gameplay from me is 7.5/10


Graphics isn’t that superior. There’s some glitches with the graphics but it is not game breaking. The score for graphics for me is 5/10.

Artificial Intelligence

OK so this is a fishing game where AI is the most important thing after controls. The Fish AI in this game are sometimes dumb and sometimes they don’t. You need to make baits close to the fish or else they just blatantly stares into nothingness. The score for AI for me is 4/10.

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