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Game Name Oni 2 (Prototype)
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (8 years ago)
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This is a prototype for Oni 2 by Angel Studios.

The game goes by "Oni 2: Death & Taxes" (probably a joke title?) but also as "Oni 2: Rebirth" as found internally inside the disc in an unused title screen.

In this early development stage you can choose levels (called Layouts) by going to "load game" menu.
In the untouched leak 15 layouts are selectable while in reality the disc contains 95.

In order to access those Layouts a patch called "Oni 2 (AS) Layout Patch Tool v1.1" by Iritscen was used.

Since the game has a limit of 63 Layouts the patch split them in 2 discs, once containing the first 63 and the second the remaining 32 (some may be barebones or straight up unplayable).

For info check: https://wiki.oni2.net/Oni_2_(Angel_Studios)

And this video:

Relevant FAQ entries:

How to emulate with PCSX2


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