Fatal Frame / Project Zero: Undub, Widescreen + Fixes (Hack) PS2 ISO

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Game Name Fatal Frame / Project Zero: Undub, Widescreen + Fixes
Console PlayStation 2
Game Release (22 years ago)
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By karas84,
Thanks to: wagrenier, pgert, weirdbeardgame

This is an improved undub patch that comes with extra goodies:

  1. Fix Kirie Camera Bug: Fixes bug where aiming the camera to a certain spot during the last battle with Kirie may result in a game freeze. Thanks to weirdbeardgame for the fix.
  2. Replace title screen with the Japanese one.
  3. Replace all Miku models with the original Japanese version.
  4. 16:9 aspect ratio patch: Game will be rendered in 16:9 and movies will have black bars to preserve the original aspect ratio. Menus, on screen text and graphics, and the title screen will be stretched. Remember to force 16:9 aspect ratio in you TV/Emulator:
  5. Disable ingame bloom effect: Effect popular in early 2000's games-
  6. Removes ingame dark filter: The game is already extremely dark even without it.
  7. Remove ingame noise: made textures look blurry.
  8. Force language selection on launch. Language selection will be shown at every game launch. Note that this hack disables loading user preferences at startup completely (as language is one of the preferences).
    This means that settings such as brightness and volume would also be reset to default every time.

Relevant FAQ entries:

How to emulate with PCSX2
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Fatal Frame / Project Zero: Undub, Widescreen + Fixes (Hack) PS2 ISO Download:


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