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Game Name Devil Kings
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Devil Kings is a Hack and Slash video game published by Capcom released on October 12th, 2005 for the PlayStation 2.


Devil Kings is a Hack and Slash game in the same Vein as Dynasty Warriors. It is the Localized Abomination of Sengoku BASARA.

Where Sengoku BASARA focused on Japanese History, the Same way Dynasty Warriors uses Chinese History, this was all removed in favor of a generic Fantasy Setting to capitalize on the success of titles such as Devil May Cry. Because of this all Refrences to the Sengoku Period is removed and all characters original names are changed (Example: Masamune Date became Azure Dragon and Oda Nobunaga became Devil King).

The Gameplay still plays the same with hacking down large numbers of cannon fodder then battling named generals while also having a slight RPG aspect with equipping stronger weapons for better attacks. However the Localization strikes again by removing a bunch of equip-able weapons for…as far as I can tell no reason and Two Playable Characters in Sengoku BASARA are made Unplayable here again for really no reason. The difficulty is also made harder for the Localization with Japanese Hard being Normal in Devil Kings and Japanese Very Hard Being Hard Here.

Bottom Line, if you really want to play a Japanese Style Dynasty Warrior in English play this game, it isn’t bad but held back by the terrible localization ideas. Otherwise play the Original Sengoku BASARA to get the full experience of the game.

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