Samurai Shodown II (Japan, USA) NEO-GEO CD ISO

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Game Name Samurai Shodown II
Original Title 真サムライ・スピリッツ ~覇王丸地獄変~
Region ,
Console NEO-GEO CD
Game Release (30 years ago)
Publisher SNK
Languages ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID NGCD-063, NGCD-063E
Downloads 2,240
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Samurai Shodown II (真サムライ・スピリッツ ~覇王丸地獄変~) is a Fighting video game published by SNK released on December 15th, 1994 for the NEO-GEO CD.

Japanese Title: Shin Samurai Spirits - Haoumaru Jigokuhen

(Track 01).bin CRC-32: 63cff4fa
MD5: bb4b30ce28045b7804d53713037f0779
SHA-1: 0c646fa29efc7331da76057582bad5d3f3c8d311

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