Shenmue II (Europe) DC ISO

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Game Name Shenmue II
Console SEGA Dreamcast
Game Release (22 years ago)
Image Format GDI, MDF/MDS
Downloads 56,471
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Shenmue II is a Action-Adventure video game published by SEGA released on February 15th, 2002 for the SEGA Dreamcast.


Title Shenmue II
Region PAL E
Format Alcohol 120% / WinRAR

This release includes multilanguage files for all discs, all disc change graphics, and a proportion of the free quest speech depending on each disc. The free speech files also contained important game information for when Ryo would encounter an area he was looking for, in the ECHELON release he’d just focus on the sign and nothing would happen. Here, you’ll see what he was meant to say. Other than that, the CDDA was ripped (only used in the opening screens) and the Digest/Saturn movies on Disc 4 were downsampled. Enjoy the best possible rip of Shenmue II on CD-R.

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