Marvel vs. Capcom 2: House Remix (Hack) DC ISO

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Game Name Marvel vs. Capcom 2: House Remix (Hack)
Console SEGA Dreamcast
Game Release (24 years ago)
Genre ,
Image Format CDI
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This was released on TheIsoZone by User fatman01923 (stevemv).
v1.3 ~ May 18th, 2009
There is a readme inside the .cdi, if you mount it.

Here is the track-list used in this hack:

  • Opening: Aaron Carl - I Refuse
  • Main Menu: Cane Garden Quartet - Shine a Light on Me
  • Character Select: U.P.I. - That String Track
  • Airship Stage: Poussez - Tell Me How You Do
  • Boss Stage 1: Yennek (Kenny Larkin) - Dancing Tides
  • Boss Stage 2: Glenn Underground - Forms of The Spirit
  • Boss Stage 3: Glenn Underground Presents The S.J.U. Project - The Cheribums
  • Clock Tower: System - Don't Stop
  • Carnival Stage: NY's Finest - Do You Feel Me (Club Mix)
  • Desert Stage: Muzique Tropique - Desert Moon
  • Factory Stage: Freestyle Man - I Need Your Love (Feat. George Spruce)
  • River Stage: Playin For The City - This Road
  • Swamp Stage: After Hours - Waterfalls (3am Mix)
  • Training Stage: Indigenous Space People - Across The Universe
  • Underground Cavern:T he Underground Solution - Luv Dancin'

Relevant FAQ entries:

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