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Game Name Black/Matrix AD
Original Title ブラックマトリクス アドヴァンスト
Console SEGA Dreamcast
Game Release (25 years ago)
Image Format CDI, GDI
Downloads 7,197
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Black/Matrix AD (ブラックマトリクス アドヴァンスト) is a Tactical RPG video game published by NEC Interchannel released on September 30th, 1999 for the SEGA Dreamcast.

NOTE: Release is 2 discs in CDI format.

Originally released on the Saturn as ‘Black/Matrix’, this Advanced sub-titled release adds some extras to the original and gives the graphics an upgrade. It uses turn based tactical battles as it’s primary mechanic, but intersperses these with static screens to progress the plot, much like a visual novel. The Black/Matrix games are notable for using Christian themes as a plot device, using a battle between good and evil, imagined here as black winged (bad) and white winged (good) characters, and dropping in various references that makes the influence obvious. It’s unusual to see such overt use of religion in the west (although of course plenty of western gamers have no issue with games cannibalizing eastern religious motifs, but I digress), but it’s a neat concept, that sadly will be lost on anyone unable to read Japanese or put some time into a good guide (which do exist). As for the tactical RPG gameplay itself, it’s relatively well received so is worth the time of genre fans.

Written by Mike Phelan for The Dreamcast Junkyard.

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