Warning Forever (Indie) Windows PC

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Game Name Warning Forever
Original Title ワーニング フォーエバー
Console Windows
Game Release (21 years ago)
Languages ,
Image Format binary (.exe)
Downloads 1,119
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Warning Forever (ワーニング フォーエバー) is a Shoot 'Em Up video game published by Hikware released on 2003 for Microsoft Windows.

WARNING! Boss incoming!... FOREVER?
An indie japanese shooter where you fight bosses until you run out of time, also killing bosses adds extra time.

When you start the game, a boss suddenly appears, and you must defeat it. Then, a slightly stronger boss will appear. Survive for as long as you can! There is no end.
The boss's growth changes depending on how you play, so you can enjoy it over and over again.

Author Hikware
Version 1.08 (even though it says 1.07 in game, he must have forgotten to change that).


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