Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Un-Working Designs) (Hack) TurboGrafx-CD ISO

The coverart image of Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Un-Working Designs)
Game Name Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Un-Working Designs)
Original Title コズミック・ファンタジー2 ~冒険少年バン~
Console TurboGrafx-CD
Game Release (33 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher Working Designs
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID WTG990301
Downloads 8,327
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"UN-WORKED": US Publisher Working Designs had the habit of modifying the games difficulty, making them harder.
This hacks attempt to revert those gameplay changes. they do not change the translation or dubbing.


  • Enemy stats are restored to what they were in the Japanese game.
  • Beating the first boss awards 20 EXP in the US version; it now gives nothing, per the original game.
  • Rim (Babette)'s obscene gesture in her introductory cutscene has been restored.

Version 0 (3/21/17)


Cosmic Fantasy 2 (Un-Working Designs) (Hack) TurboGrafx-CD ISO Download:


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