Clock Tower (English Patched) SNES

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Game Name Clock Tower
Original Title クロックタワー
Console SNES
Game Release (29 years ago)
Genre , ,
Publisher HUMAN Entertainment
Languages , , , ,
Image Format SFC/SMC
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Clock Tower (クロックタワー) is a Adventure/Point-and-Click/Survival Horror video game published by HUMAN Entertainment released on September 14th, 1995 for the SNES.

Clock Tower is the survival horror game with point-and-click features, this game has contains lot more SPOILERS! so be careful when playing this game. I recommend this game suitable for 18 years old and don’t recommend for child. The iconic enemy in Clock Tower is Scissorman who want to kill the main character (Jennifer) and everyone in the mansion. The game is so scary but great. If you wan’t to check the remake (Subtitled as “The First Fear”), check it out at this page.

(Japan).sfc CRC-32: cbcd0dad


Clock Tower (English Patched) SNES


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