Cleopatra Fortune Music Volume Increase + Theme Extension (Hack) Saturn ISO

The coverart image of Cleopatra Fortune
Game Name Cleopatra Fortune
Original Title クレオパトラ・フォーチュン
Console SEGA Saturn
Game Release (27 years ago)
Genre ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID T-1108G
Downloads 1,979
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By Riggles
Version 1

Changes v1:

  • Music volume increased to a level where it isn't massively overpowered by the loud sound effects, without peaking the audio.
  • The main theme will after a loop seamlessly transitions into Iceferno's SoR1+2 styled 90s Dance Music styled mixes that naturally fits alongside the original music and keeps the music from growing repetitive. (Didn't include the the Revenge of Shinobi styled remix as the instrumentation is destinctly that of the Mega Drive and doesn't quite suit the Saturn like the other remixes do)
  • The 5 second looping and annoyingly grating "stack height warning" tune is replaced with that of the official staff roll theme.


Cleopatra Fortune Music Volume Increase + Theme Extension (Hack) Saturn ISO Download:


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