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Download Sega Saturn ROMs and ISO files for your Saturn emulator.
Our SEGA Saturn or SS for short collection has just started, we wanted to start big so right away we upload a new translation of a Japan only game (Sakura Wars). After this we start with the classics in NTSC-U version. And move from there. Check back soon for more games.

About the SATURN Console:
The Saturn was released in Japan in 1994 and one year later in North America and Europe, it's a 5th Generation 32 bit console, successor to the 16 bit SEGA Genesis (MegaDrive in Japan and PAL territories). The console was not a success in North America, there's quite a bit of drama about what killed the Saturn: be it the complicated dual CPU, difficult third party development, high price, lack of a Sonic the Hedgehog game, the Sony PlayStation or all of the above. But you can read all about it on the wikipedia page. I rather focus on the good games it left us.
Yes, Saturn games have a different look and feel than PS1 games. And it is pretty amazing. Back in the day 2D games were considered obsolete. But nowadays 2D games thrive once more, people now learned to appreciate pixel art and even low resolution polygons. Saturn emulation is also better than ever thanks to continuous development of several emulators like: Mednafen, SSF, Yabause and YabaSanshiro.