Final Fight CD - CPS1 Arcade Music (Hack) SEGA CD ISO

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Game Name Final Fight CD - CPS1 Arcade Music
Console SEGA CD
Game Release (31 years ago)
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Publisher ,
Image Format BIN/CUE
Game ID 4410
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Version 1.0

Release notes

This is a patch for Final Fight CD with arcade audio (CPS1) replacing the original audio from the Sega CD version.
The objective of this version is to bring the arcade sound and feel and the original audio provides this experience.

  • The audio tracks were replaced by the audio rip generated by CPS1.
  • The time of stage tracks has been extended and the fade out has been considerably reduced or eliminated.
  • The original opening and closing tracks (22 and 23) were modified by separating the voices and remixing with the audio from the equivalent track from CPS1.
  • The track for "Time Attack" (19) was not modified due to it being exclusive to the Sega CD version.

Credits: Wilson F.


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