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Ys Seven is a Action RPG video game published by XSEED Games released on August 17th, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

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Ys Seven is the latest addition to the “longest JRPG series no one mainstream knows about” by Nihon Falcom. Translated by XSEED Games.

If you’re new to the whole Ys Series, this game is the most friendly one for beginners. The gameplay is similar to Legend of Zelda games in that it is a top-down hack-and-slash but it’s much more fast paced. It uses a new party-based system where you mix and match different characters instead of only playing Adol like the other entries in the series. It is also the first game to include a “skills” system to integrate more attacks instead of only using magic.

The Story

Adol Christin and his companion, Dogi, arrive in the lands of Altago in the Capital of Altago.(The region and this city is both named Altago) As they explore the town, they witness two sisters being harassed by the local Dragon Knights. Adol is thrown into jail but is freed due to his status as an adventurer. The king asks Adol to investigate some strange happenings and allows him free reign outside the city limits. Since your old sword was taken by the Dragon Knights, you were given a new Altagian sword by Scias, a general of the aforementioned knights. Adol is given the choice of a lesson from Scias or ignoring the man and proceeding with his journey outside the city. Adol and Dogi arrive in the Moon Shrine outside Altago, As they investigate, the two men are attacked by a giant monster and Adol gains formidable powers from the shrine itself.

The Battle System

As I said above, the game uses a party-based system. Adol and two companions will be the ones fighting while the rest of your companions are conveniently out of sight. This makes battling in this game very easy since you can gang up on monsters and perform crowd control with your allies shielding you from a portion of the monster onslaught.

The game uses a weapon triangle for enemy weakness and resistance. Certain enemies will have a type of body structure that is either vulnerable or resistant to your attacks. For example, you notice a slug-like creature, would you use fists or swords? The swords, of course since it can cut stuff while the soft body would repel the fist’s impact. The advantage/disadvantage system uses that type of logic.

Swords/Blade Weapons—–> Soft bodied creatures.
Fists/Blunt Weapons—> Hard shelled creatures.
Ranged weapons—–>Flying creatures.

Weapon Skills
The weapons of Altago are different from conventional weapons. They tap into the power of the land of Altago itself to grant its users powerful attacks. That means it is rendered useless in other lands and will be as powerful a a regular blade. (The reason why these weapons never show up anywhere else.)

When you purchase a weapon, you notice a skill under it and a weapon level associated with it. Equipping a weapon with a level 0 skill allows you to use it as long as the weapon is equipped. Continuous use of the skill will grant you weapon exp and you will permanently learn the skill when it reaches level 1. This allows Adol and his companions to learn multiple skills as you equip and replace your older gear with new equipment with new skills.

To use skills, you must first go to the EQUIP tab to equip a weapon first, then assign a skill to a specific slot. Afterwards pressing that button combination will cause your character to use that skill. Mix and match your skills and find the skills that work best for your style of fighting.

Extra Skills
Gain supreme absolute powers from the transcendental beings from another dimension, The Five Dragons of Altago.
Although it’s called “Extra Skills,” this is actually your Ultimate. When the yellow Extra Bar on the bottom right is filled, you can unleash the pinnacle of Altago’s might.

Adol isn’t the only one getting these. Everyone in your party will gain one eventually and they also get upgraded further in the adventure.

Foraging and Crafting
As you journey across the various regions of Altago, you will come across several materials lying around conspicuously. You notice that pond over there or those group of flowers that stand out from the rest of the field. Monsters also drop materials as you slice their hides and puncture their bare skins as bodily fluids come gushing out.
These materials can be foraged and taken to the local town for crafting.

In shops, you have the option to craft Use items and Weapons as long you have the required materials and a small fee for the service.

Player Tip

Make sure to spread leveling throughout your allies or you will get steamrolled during certain story mandatory battles.
The Final Boss, lol. You will be fighting him with everyone in your party. I’m not telling you how that happens though.

Recommended Games

If you like this game, play these since they share very similar battle systems
Ys: Oath in Felghana on PSP . The third game. Adol travels to Felghana with Dogi after the events of the first two games. Dogi returns to his hometown after several years. Trouble ensues as monsters start roaming the lands and the king’s interests clash with Adol Christin’s exploits around this particular region.

Ys:Memories of Celceta(Remake of Ys 4) on PSVita. Adol arrives in the land of Celceta, also known as the Forests of Celceta, and suffers amnesia. Without knowing his true identity and his objectives for coming to Celceta, he goes on a journey in search of his lost memories.

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