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Game Name Togainu no Chi: True Blood Portable
Original Title 咎狗の血TrueBlood Portable
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (14 years ago)
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Togainu no Chi: True Blood Portable (咎狗の血TrueBlood Portable) is a Visual Novel video game published by Kadokawa Shoten released on December 23rd, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgWarning! This game contains BL a.ka relationship between man and man also blood and violence!

The 3rd Division. The third World War in Man’s history that erupted in the beginning of the 21st century. This war causing catastrophic destruction and in result, Japan split into the CFC in the East and the Nikkou Group in the West. They then left the abandoned capital city of Tokyo alone and soon enough, this place turned into a red-light district with high crime rates under a new name, Toshima.

Even so, there were people who aimed to Toshima. The reason, because the battle game called Igra. Igra was a fighting game, where you need to fight to take the tags of other participants. The one who could make ‘royal flush’ with the tags could challenge Il Re,the king of Toshima and finally, the winner would claim all the fortunes that Vischio, the drug syndicate had.

You are Akira, the unbeatable champion of Bl@ster, a street fighting championship in area Ray under an alias ‘Lost’. One day, after you won the game like usual, polices came and dragged you into a jail, falsely accused you to murder your rival in the game. You had no choice, either to die or to join Igra. You decided to join Igra and got sent to Toshima.

You, who knew nothing about Toshima, met a lot of people who ‘kindly’ tell you about the Toshima and how it worked by ambushed you. When you fought them, one of them took a red-liquid like drug and then, turned faster and faster. No matter how many times you punched them down, they woke up again as if they didn’t feel any pain. Danger ahead and they almost beating you. Suddenly, a man in black coat came and annihilated all of them with his Katana and strangely left you alive. By seeing the bloods and corpses that the man in black coat left behind, you knew what is fear and you knew that Bl@ster where you used to participate was nothing but a child game. How could you win this game? Or rather, could you even stay alive?

In this game, separated into some routes where Akira will end up dying—or alive with these men.
(+) Shiki (Midorikawa Hikaru, Ayato in Diabolik Lovers) is the mysterious man in black coat. Ruthless and merciless. He will kill anyone at his sight. He has a strange interest toward Akira and also, he has a deep hatred toward Nano. He isn’t Igra participant yet the reason why he is in Toshima is unknown to anyone but himself.
(+) Rin (Fukuyama Jun, Shimizu in La Corda) is the upbeat and cheerful man with girlish feature. He is strong yet kind toward Akira and helps him a lot. Seems like he hides something behind his cheerful smile.
(+) Motomi (Ichijou Kazuya, Breed in One Piece) is an older man who often seen hanging around the neutral area. He isn’t an Igra participant but just an information booker. He carried gun to protect himself.
(+) Keisuke (Sugita Tomokazu, Pache in Arcana Famiglia) is a childhood friend of Akira who secretly followed Akira into Toshima in secret. He is a meek and weak man who just wanted to help Akira even the latter thought Keisuke got into his way a lot. He joined Igra to watch over Akira up close.
(+) n (read as Nano, voiced by Yamazaki Takumi, Miki in Initial D) is an enigmatic character with mysterious past. He talked in riddle and always appeared and disappeared as he wished. Seems like he knew a lot about Akira and Toshima as well.
(+) Yukihito (Kamiya Hiroshi, Izaya in Durarara!) is a former Bl@ster participant from area “RUDE”. He is calm and a little cold. He has his own secret agenda by joining Igra.

As Akira, you will challenged as the world turned into nothing but darkness, could you still keep up the moral you believe in? And also, obsession could lead you into craziness but at the same time, it gave you a reason to live. But how long should you keep your obsession? What would you do if you have no obsession left? Would you dying even though you’re alive?

Togainu no Chi: True Blood is the psp version of Togainu no Chi on PC. This psp port has no sexual intercourse and less gory than the PC version.The genre BL might turn off some people but this game actually deserves a chance. This game has a good plot, a neat route, and also great music and characters. Also, there is a minigame where you can playing card with the characters.Personally, I will really recommend this to anyone who wants a good VN about actions, conspiracies, and also post-apocalypse situation!

.iso CRC-32: e2197d6c


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