Tales of Eternia (Europe+UNDUB) PSP ISO

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Game Name Tales of Eternia
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (18 years ago)
Publisher Namco
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Game ID ULES-00176
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Tales of Eternia is a RPG video game published by Namco released on February 10th, 2006 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by magistery0:


in one peaceful day, Ried Hershel (a Hunter) goes out to his usual hang out spot when out of nowhere he meets his childhood friend Farah Oersted (a Farmer/Fighter). Suddenly a shining falling aircraft comes crashing down from the sky revealing a beautiful dark skin maiden Meredy (a Foreigner?) and her faithful companion Quickie! with no clue from where she came from and what language she’s speaking, they set out to find their friend Keele Zeibel (a Student) for help! they soon found out that meredy is a celestian and she came to Inferia to warn them about the grand fall and how to prevent it from happening!


Like most tales games, Tales of Eternia uses “Linear Motion Battle System” which is basically a fighting style gameplay as an RPG battle system.
you pull off attacks like you would with a fighting game and do combos according to your set of skills!
its a shame that they didn’t include the skits from the original Japanese version though..


It took some ideas from the Tales of Phantasia, like the whole map is now in 3D instead of 2D like on Tales of Destiny.
the battle sprites are now in a better shape than its successors. instead of the Chibi/super deformed style, they went with a much more balanced and appropriate design that shows the series’s intentions.


It’s just amazing how changing the English Dubs into Japanese could make a HUGE difference in playing experience!
the music is not that memorable but they all fit the theme of every nook and cranny!


It’s a Great Tales game with a huge improvement over its predecessors which also helped build the other tales games that came after it!

.iso CRC-32: 7099c9d5


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