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Game Name Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (17 years ago)
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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is a Third Person Shooter video game published by LucasArts released on October 9th, 2007 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Switchblade1080:

Switchblade1080 avatarStar Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is basically one of the closest you can get to a single player skirmish. There’s good fun to be had even alone with a vast selection of game modes and levels, soldier customization, and a compelling atmosphere. but it’s almost insultingly minuscule troop count (8 vs 8) and lack of difficulty are the key negatives that push it back from being something truly special.


The graphics are well made and crisp, the level design is well-done and the models look pretty good. Seeing that small squad of troops marching to the next command post feels very immersive whereas you play as one of them. They don’t match up to a lot of other PSP titles but its not too annoying due to it’s scale.


The sound is just as good as the graphics but its nothing remarkable. Using stock Star Wars sounds like lasers and engines along with the music brings home that Star Wars feel you’d expect. The voice acting is also pretty decent as you hear various things you and/or your soldiers have to say about the situation and it can help bring the fight to them at times.


The gameplay is actually well made. We all know the ill fate of many shooting games with their bad controls, but this one nails it in a decent way. It all feels responsive enough and most of the time, any death can be attributed to your own undoing. Its also the standard fare of running, sprinting, waiting, and shooting as you’d expect from a Battlefront game. You can also customize your soldier to tailor with the kind of role you’re most comfortable with, giving at least a little more variety than usual.


Every game can inevitably get old, and this is no different. There’s the Campaign, Galactic Conquest, and the #1 reason anyone would get a Battlefront game (ever); Instant Action. Consisting of various game modes like Conquest, Capture the Flag, Space Assault, etc. The modes are all pretty solid and bring that good old Battlefront feel we know all and love. But the Campaign is fairly compelling due to its vibrant picturesque cut-scenes and surprisingly good voice acting. This would have all been a lot better if they increased the single player bot count for that epic atmosphere, and if the AI was actually a little better…both of which suck me out of the game after a few runs.


Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is constantly refreshing experience that easily takes your usual preferences to the backseat and lets you simply have the fun of being part of an old epic war. Its not a game I’d convince you to give up on what you usually play the PSP for, but it is pretty refreshing when the game is played in at least short bursts.

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