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Game Name SNES on PSP (Emulator)
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This is how to play SNES Games on a PSP:
First you need the emulator, there are many emulators but the one that worked best for me is called s9xTYL

  1. Download SNES9x TYL mecm 0.4.2 mod r26 (links at the bottom of the page).
  2. Extract the s9xTYLmecm_mod folder to your PSP/GAME folder
  3. Now for the roms, just copy them inside the roms folder of the emulator like so:
  • G:PSPGAMEs9xTYLmecm_modROMSBreath of Fire
    (no need to unzip the roms)

Run the emulator from the game menu:

The License terms will appear, scroll down with the D-pad down arrow, and press X or O to agree.

Enter the ROMS directory by pressing O.

Select the Game you want to play with the D-Pad and pres O to launch it

That’s all. You can press the Home button while in game to bring the menu up, it will allow you to switch games, save state, and change emulation settings:

OPTION 2: Snes9xTYLmecm [091127]

User Robin alerted me that the emulator above has issues with slowdown with some games, about this problem he wrote:

It isn’t perfect: Super Mario world 2 still lags at certain places, but Donkey Kong Country has zero lag (unlike rev 26). Even with smoothing on, vsync on and frame-skip at 0 (333mhz, psp accelerated+accurate soft)


SNES on PSP (Emulator)


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