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Game Name Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Console PlayStation Portable
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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a Survival Horror video game published by Konami released on January 19th, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by magistery0:

Harry Mason a loving father finds himself lost in the town called Silent Hill while searching for his lost daughter Cheryll.
During his search, strange unexplained happenings occurs while the locals seemed oblivious to what’s happening, harry then soon realize that the town isn’t what it seemed to be as it transforms turning the quiet town into a glacial nightmare.

Pretty nice and it has great attention to detail. the frame rate can get a bit sluggish once the screen is starting to get filled up with stuff.
The facial movements are quite impressive as far as in-game cut scenes goes.

This part what really got me thinking..
Unlike its psx counterpart, this re-imagined remake is just a disappointment to the whole Silent Hill series.
Now, this isn’t a bad game, its just that they labeled this as a Silent Hill game which doesn’t even come close to the first silent hill on the PlayStation.
If this were a different game that had nothing to do with the series then i could care less about it for being what it is.
The first thing that i find strange is they took out the combat system. which was the first thing that any silent hill fan would be looking forward to… and they just took it out thinking,”Hmmm… let’s take out any means of fighting for survival and make players run like a bitch for the rest of the game..”
Second is you run around fleeing from enemies opening door after door after door and so on and so forth…
My point is: even though harry can break down doors with ease and climb over fences like a pro parkourist, and he can’t trucking kill or attack any one of these creatures…. is just Dumb.
I get the idea on why they did this experimental piece of garbage. they want to let the players experience its horrors without the ability of fighting your fears. they want us to emerge with the world of silent hill as a helpless …. you know what.. i don’t give a Fruck anymore. this is not a SILENT HILL game, PERIOD!
To those who are into silent hill or horror games, then i suggest NOT to think of this as a Silent Hill game or else you’ll just end up being disappointed.

I actually like the music in this game. probably the only thing that i liked about this game. and the iphone menu thingy lol~

I still can’t get over about this being a part of the silent hill franchise. not to mention it does no justice to the game that it was based on!
The game itself is just decent if you take away its tie-in name to silent hill.
So to end this I’m going to clarify that this is NOT a bad game, it only became a BAD game because with its tie-in to the silent hill series which clearly IS NOT a silent hill game as far as I’m concerned.

Review by goldenguy43:

avatar=117_1410364626.jpgSilent Hill: Shattered Memories is considered to be the last good silent hill game.
This game is about Harry Mason, a writer that seeks for his daughter on the town of Silent Hill. The difference between this game and the first Silent Hill is the fact that this own is a reboot and changes a lot of stuff, for example instead of fighting the enemies like the old silent hill games, you now run and hide from them (kinda reminds you of a RPG maker horror game).

This game is kinda of a mix bag some people like it some don’t, and while it’s not good as origins i still recommend it since there’s few survival horror games on the psp like Corpse Party and Silent Hill: Origins.


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